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Viktor Dremsizov Me, Myself and My Camera
Alexander Scott Looking Through the Camera Lens alex.png
Ciara Doone Rush Passion for Equines and Photography ciara.png
Egle Studinskaite Piñata Making Lifestyle Business egle.png
Gintvilė Giedraitienė Grass Transformation into a Piece of Art gintvile.png
Maria Aristidou When the Drawings Smell Like Coffee maria.png


Irena Francė Massage and Essential Oils Therapy for Improvement of One’s Health
Piotr Kapłoński Hair Salon
Amelia Ziemińska Lifestyle Entrepreneurship at Your Fingertips amelia.png
Jan Garrity Shiva Yoga for Youth jan.png
Marius Lasinskas Even Grass May Earn Bread marius.png


Kay Wadud Perfect Samosa – Homemade Pastries
Monika Homa From Healthy Eating to Happy Life monika.png


Nicolas Tsangaras From Wood to Bow Ties
Laura Kupryte Sport and Freestyle Clothing Manufacturing
Anife Mahmud Handmade Jewellery with Energy anife.png
Biliyana Slavova A Picture of Entrepreneurship biliana.png
Lara Sophie Benjamin Miss Lala Makes Jewels lara.png
Marusia Ashikova My Hobby, My Profession, My Love marusia.png
Romualda Galistiene Ceramics – My Love of Life romualda.png
Virginija Armoniene Knitting Toys for Children virginija.png
Jolanta Civilkaite The Passion of Felting jolanta.png


Adamos Karagiannis Woodwork with a Creative Twist
Steph Kilshaw The Pink Plasterer – Professional Plastering Services
Cynthia Brown Success is Doing Ordinary Things Extraordinarily Well cynthia.png
Kristina Onyskaite Titina Sewing Adventure kristina.png
Paris Theodotou The Collective paris.png


Stanoi Georgiev Back to Nature
Janina Marcinkeviciene Flower farming


Karolina Szczepanik When Clothes Make the Woman karolina.png
Miłosz Kręt Passion Turned into a Business milosz.png
Vaida Liaudenskiene Tourism Lifestyle Business vaida.png


Gintautas Mikulevičius Organising Water Entertainment


Dimitar Panayotov Under the Bridge dimitar.png
Hayley Patterson Flowers and Cart Hire hayley.png